Monday, January 9, 2012

Changes/Improvements added to Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer 7 (OCPJP 7)

Major Changes:

1.       To appear for OCPJP 7 you must either OCAJP certified or must possess OCP certification in any prior version of exam

2.       Following are the topics which are newly added to OCPJP 7
a.       Design Patterns
·         Design a class using the Singleton design pattern
·         Identify when and how to use composition to solve business problems
·         Write code to implement the DAO Pattern
·         Design a class that uses the Factory design pattern
b.      Database Applications with JDBC
·         Describe the JDBC API
·         Identify the Java statements required to connect to a database using JDBC
·         Use the JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider, RowSetFactory, and new RowSet interfaces
·         Use JDBC transactions
·         Use the proper JDBC API to submit queries and read results from the database.
·         Use JDBC PreparedStatement and CallableStatement

Minor Changes:

1.       Following topics have been changed/improved
a.  Concurrency
            ·     Use Executors and ThreadPools
            ·     Use the parallel Fork/Join Framework
b. Localization
·         Build a resource bundle for each locale
·         Call a resource bundle from an application
·         Select a resource bundle based on locale

2.       Following content is newly added
·         Use String in the switch statement
·         Use binary literals, numeric literals with underscores
·         Use try-with-resources

Rests of the topics are same as in previous version of exam i.e.  OCPJP 6.

To summarize this, two topics are newly introduced while small minor improvements are added to few topics.
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