Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why I started blogging?

Disclaimer:  This should be first blog post (As per standard practices and norms) but I was too happy when I cleared OCPJP exam so couldn't resist myself  from putting it in my first blog.

 Lets get back to business. Why I started this blog ?
1. Its free.
2. I don't have any other website/blog or any personal virtual identity.
3. I think I have lots of free time. (I spend most of the time in thinking).  
4. I didn't have anything to put in website/blog field while signing up for every other site. It always made me feel bad.
5. I think I know somethings which can help others.
6. "Best way to learn is to teach"
~ (Will update name later if I can recollect it)
7. You don't need any specific reason to start blogging.  
8. Will add more later...


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